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Pear your needs with my services

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Every Crimson garden is designed with its natural ecology in mind.  My goals is to improve soil health, reduce inputs, utilize rainwater, increase biodiversity, and keep energy within the system so that your garden thrives more and more each year.  And, since every garden and grower is so unique, I offer custom service packages so that your garden will be right for you. 

Local Eats

Growing food at home is as local as you're going to get.  That's why I want to help you utilize and thoroughly enjoy all the food you grow by offering and teaching a variety of food preparation and preservation techniques, cooking lessons, and tasty recipes.


Through Crimson, I teach and educate people about our food system, including information on gardening and cooking.  I offer workshops, classes, and special events throughout the year that anyone can sign up for, so keep your eyes peeled and subscribe below for updates. 

Local Products

I believe that having a strong local economy is an essential part of being sustainable, that's why at Crimson I am excited to support local artisans, growers, and businesses.  Not only do I supply my community with goods, but my goal is to partner up with other locals to give you greater access to their quality products as well.

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