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Local Eats.

Eat, drink & bee rosemary

 Would you like to optimize your harvest?

I can show you how!  I am a red seal chef and a cooking mentor of 18 years, with a lifetime of experience in the kitchen.


I will facilitate easy processing, preservation, and cooking of the food you grow, regardless of your skill set or the time you have available


I prepare and preserve fruits and vegetables in all kinds of ways, to suit your particular lifestyle and food preferences. 

I can teach you my methods, provide you with my recipes and expertise, or even do the work for you.

I believe that everyone should have access to the freshest, most nutrious and delicious food available, so take a look at my list of kitchen offerings below for some inspiration.

Illustrations Vegetables

My kitchen offerings.





Washing Harvested Food

Cutting, Trimming & Peeling Produce

Recipe & Menu Preparations

Mixed Salad Greens

Composting & Waste Utilization

Preserving Harvested Food

Fermentation, Canning, Pickling

Food Dehydration

Sweet & Savory Preserves

Selling Locally Preserved Food



Sharing of My Recipes

​Custom Recipe Creation

Teaching Preservation Methods

Menu Creation & Event Planning

Cooking Lessons

Illustrations Vegetables

Ready for a free consult?

It's thyme to talk to Sarah. 

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