I spilled the beans!

Answers to my most FAQ are below

Frequently Asked Questions

What cities do you service?

I am happy to assist folks with their gardening and food preparation needs throught the lower mainland, however, the frequency of service will have to be determined after the initial consult. I will do my best to accomodate everyone!

How much do you charge?

Because service frquency, garden sizes, and task desires are different for everyone, custom packages and costs will be determined through the inital consultation.

How often do you come?

Together we will determine how much help you need. Because of seasonal changes, the weather, and growing stages of your plants, I may have to come more or less frequently. We will discuss what kind of things you'd like me to take care of and we can plan from there.

What do I have to provide?

The only thing you must provide is access to water! I will happiliy use any tools or resources you have available, however, what ever you don't have I've got covered. I willl bring tools and pick up any supplies that you or I may need to get the job done!